Why Choose an Eco-Friendly Water Bottle?

321 Reusable water bottle

We designed our range of reusable products with the environment in mind.

A key thing that has been identified in the market of reusable products is that product design and having a readily available product that the consumers want to have involved in their daily belongings will increase usage and the overall impact of our waste minimisation efforts in a much larger scale.

321 Protein Shaker 

Reusable Protein Shaker bottle

This simple addition to your healthy lifestyle products can allow you to have on the go supplements and protein shakes or have a BPA free Water Bottle readily available. Popular with fruit infused water, the 321 Detox bottle also comes with a stainless steel blender ball to mix your protein and supplements. With the simple design, you can fit this product in your bag or vehicle drink holder and ensure you stay hydrated at all times.

321 Filter Bottle

The interchangeable 321 Water Filter bottle offers a stylish, award-winning design alongside an innovative filtration method. Working via a french-press plunge filter system, you can always have on the go filtered water with 321 Water. 

One of the most common excuses for not drinking enough water is forgetting to bring your water bottle places. With a design like 321 Water Filter bottle's, this product will quickly become a staple in your day to day accessories. 

321 Reusable Water Bottles and Protein Shakers are made using Tritan™ Copolyester, a strong, clear plastic BPA-free plastic. 

Tritan has been tested by four third-party labs and shown to be free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free) so it doesn't contain BPS (bisphenol S) or any other bisphenols.

The top of 321 Water is made from food-grade polypropylene, which is also BPA-free plastic.

This Australian Made, B corp certified reusable water bottle offers a stylish design whilst also encouraging sustainable and ethical ideals.

The environmental impact of 321 Water has been carefully considered at every stage of its life cycle, from design, manufacturing, to the way you use it, as well as its disposal at the end of life.