3 Easy Swaps to Create Healthy Habits

Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones
Did you know that you can cook with protein?

This is a great way to add protein into your diet in a way that is more subtle and can be added to foods you might usually eat anyway. For our simple banana muffin recipe (with protein) click here. 

Another suggestion we would make is smoothies. Smoothies are great for when you are craving something sweet. They can also be very filling depending on the ingredients you choose to put in. Also, if you are wanting to add extra nutrients we suggest adding a protein powder. So simply, blend the ingredients and pour the healthy drinks into your detox bottle to either keep in the fridge until you want it or take it on the go. For our top three new smoothie recipes click here.

Swap sugary drinks for tea
It is common to hear these days that green tea is great for you, but what are the exact benefits and what is the best way to brew it?

Green tea has many health benefits including:

  • It can help you to improve your endurance during exercise.
    Scientifically it has been proven that the antioxidants in green tea can help the body to burn fat as fuel.
  • The antioxidants in green tea help to keep your body healthy. Though the scientific evidence is mixed, it is believed that the properties in the tea help to fight off a whole list of cancers and lower the risk of a heart attack.
  • It is hydrating and delicious!
  • Tea can be taken on the go with a reusable teacup.

Swap non-reusable for reusable products
Our biggest inspiration is not simply to provide products that are functional and useful to the average consumer, but to create change, and impact the lives of those who choose to utilise our product range.

We hope to inspire a behavioural shift towards a reduction of our user’s waste impact and to stand for the widespread use of reusable and high-quality goods over the disposable habits we are witnessing today.

By using a reusable bottle you can create a habit that is not only safe and healthy for yourself but also helps the planet. 

Our products are BPA and BPS Free, making them the safe choice to drink out of. You can drink from your reusable bottle or cup every time with the peace of mind that what you are drinking from is safe and good for your body.

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