What are the Carbon filters made of in your Filter Water Bottle?

The undeniable demand for filtered water and the increase in health detox lifestyles has allowed the engineering of some amazing product development, this has enabled you to filter your water as you go with a water filter bottle. Our reusable BPA-free filter water bottle contains carbon filters that have a 100% pure coconut carbon base. 

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321 Water Replacement Carbon Water Filters

Carbon Filters 

Usines an activated Carbon Polymer, filters remove organic compounds, residual chlorine, odours and tastes to make your water taste even better. 

Activated carbon is a highly porous material and is 100% natural and made from pure coconut shells! The delicate conversion process at high temperatures involving steam treatment results an enormous surface area for absorption.

The final product when in contact with tap water is amazing, your will have a fresh, crisp taste that we all want when using the 321 filter water bottle


Watch the above video to see how the carbon filtering process works in our 321 filtered water bottle. 

It will absorb the unappealing impurities that arise in urban tap streams without inhibiting the benefits of fluoride fortification. Organic compounds, residual chlorine, odours and tastes are captured by the porous carbon leaving the water refreshing and delicious no matter where you find yourself.

Because the filters are made from 100% pure coconut base which is an organic material they are compostable!

So next time you change your 321 Water Filter make sure you put it in the compost.

The benefits of such filtered water need to be experienced to be believed.

The 321 Water Filter is the perfect addition to make your water taste extraordinary whilst keeping the notion of environmental sustainability very much in mind. 

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