Why Use a Water Filter?

Filter water bottleWater is the source of life and forms a significant component of who we are. All living beings are highly dependant on water. We can go on without food for days but cannot spend even a few hours without water. 

Reusable water bottle CTA Thus, making water a vital part of our survival and its purity becomes that much more critical. Each day when we take a sip of water, we assume the purity of the water we drink. 

Considering the large scale development projects and pollution caused, our water resources are under a great deal of stress. As we struggle to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population, demand for good quality drinking water has never been greater!

With a lot of effort to purify our water, the quality at the point of consumption is not always good for our short or long-term health. The cause of this is mainly contaminants such as heavy metals in the form of lead and silver, pesticides and other chemicals, including chlorine found in the water we drink.

The World Health Organisation lists over 150 chemical hazards that may be present in our drinking water. 

Drinking bottled water to avoid all these contaminants is an option but at a massive cost to the wallet and to our environment, which in turn causes this vicious cycle to continue.

As per the blog released by the Australian Museum names 'Say no to plastic water bottles'

  • Over 400,000 barrels of oil are used per year in Australia to manufacture the plastic to make the bottles
  • Tap water costs 1 cent per litre compared to bottled water which costs $2.53 per litre
  • It takes seven litres of water to make a one-litre water bottle
  • Around 373 million plastic water bottles end up as waste each year

Given the importance of water to our health, it is vital to ensure that the water we drink is as pure & fresh as possible. Since purchasing bottled water is expensive and environmentally damaging, we must find alternate options to purify the water we drink.

Filter water bottle

 So why do we need to filter the water we drink?

  1. Filtering water ensures great-tasting and better-smelling drinking water by removing all harmful contaminants listed above
  2. Filtering water before drinking can provide you with safe and healthy hydration, and over a long period, help prevent illnesses caused by the presence of harmful chemicals and live pathogens.
  3. Carbon filters can remove contaminants while retaining the essential healthy minerals and nutrients present in the water we drink.
  4. Carbon filters help balance the ph of the drinking water.
  5. Drinking pure filtered water will help improve your skin and overall appearance. 

We see that filtering water removes all impurities while retaining the nutrients in our water which leaves it tasting better. When the water we take is tasting better, we tend to consume more of it which only improves our overall health.

Replacement Filters

Water is essential for all of us. To maintain good health, we need to drink at least 1.5 litres or eight glasses a day, which is so much easier to do when your water tastes great and is available 24/7 where ever you go.

Our reusable BPA-free filter water bottle contains carbon filters that have a 100% pure coconut carbon base. Activated carbon is a highly porous material and is 100% natural, and made from pure coconut shells!

Using an activated Carbon filter, removes organic compounds, residual chlorine, odours and tastes to make your water taste better.

Because the filters are made from pure coconut base, which is an organic material, they are compostable!

The 321 Water Filter is the perfect addition to make your water taste amazing whilst helping you be sustainable right though the process.

321 Water CTA

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