Filtered Water | The Facts

Filtered water
Are you thinking about buying a reusable water bottle but not sure if it is worth the investment?

Not sure what kind of water bottle to buy?
Have you considered using a filter water bottle but aren't sure what it filters out?
These are the common questions we are going to answer.


Why Use a Reusable Bottle?

Did you know that we use one million plastic bottles every minute?

This is extremely problematic for our environment as most non-reusable plastic bottles end up in the ocean or landfill.

Reusable filtered water bottle

Using a reusable water bottle can lower the amount of plastic that harms our planet.


What kind of Water Bottle Should you Buy?

Now you have decided to purchase a reusable water bottle, but what kind should you buy. 

It is important to buy a bottle that will be long lasting to not add to landfill. The water bottle should also be safe and healthy to use. 

We would always suggest looking for a bottle made of the material Tritan. Eastman Tritan™ states that the material " Tritan has been thoroughly tested by independent third-party laboratories using well-recognized scientific methods, and has been cleared by worldwide regulatory agencies for use in products that contact food."


Why Filter Your Water?

You will love using your 321 Filter Water Bottle not only because you will be lowering the amount of plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills or the ocean but because the water tastes better. 

The 321 Water Filter significantly reduces chlorine and removes odors and bad tastes without removing fluoride.

Protein shaker

This super-porous carbon is used to absorb impurities from potable tap water, such as odors, tastes, organic compounds, and residual chlorine. It is low impact, aesthetically pleasing, durable, portable, and free of harmful chemicals for you to enjoy every last drop.

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If a filter water bottle is not something that sounds right for you, it is still important to use a reusable bottle. We would suggest the 321 Protein Shaker.  The 321 Protein Shaker comes with a handy stainless steel protein ball, so you can make drinks such as protein shakes and take them on the go. 

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